Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM is going to be using exclusively HPI products for cooling duties for air, coolant and oil systems. If you know anything about HPI, they just make great stuff… hands down. For the amount of money for their pieces, I could easily fund another build, BUT… again… I am not going to be wearing a Versace suit and Payless slip-n-slide skippers. It seems that a lot of the US companies that are producing parts for the 240SX chassis are starting to have quality issues. I’m not here to bad-mouth any of them, but you can always come across … Continue reading HPI

Japanese Tuner Yashio Factory Product Description English

One of prjktMAYHEM’s favorites to work with is Yashio Factory. We have had the pleasure of doing English product descriptions for two of YF’s products- Okachan Water Temp Meter V2 Okachan Tenka Harness YASHIO FACTORY OKACHAN WATER TEMP METER V2 … Continue reading Japanese Tuner Yashio Factory Product Description English