S14 Subframe Swap Into S13

Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM has a lot of S14 swapped parts in it with the exception of the subframe. I bought it like this, and it so happens that I also have an S14 R200 with a KAAZ 2-Way Limited Slip Differential. So? Just swap out the differential cover for an S13 one and use the S14 bolts, and spacers and all that to mount the front of the differential… But… I want to take advantage of some of the benefits of having a subframe that is 10mm wider compared to the stock S13 subframe which correlates to anti-squat in the corners … Continue reading S14 Subframe Swap Into S13

Fortune Auto Coilover System

Coilovers… I remember a time when coilovers were relegated to track cars of European marques, and I remember when coilovers were starting to become more commonplace back in Japan. My first coilover system was a build-it-yourself system for the AE86 with the sleeve, collars, top and lower perch and modifying the stock OE system and using AE92 Tokico gas shocks with a spacer shoved into the bottom. The big names coming to the forefront were HKS, BLITZ, Apexi, GREDDY and the endless supply of private tuning shops who were sourcing and putting together kits under their own labels. Everybody, it … Continue reading Fortune Auto Coilover System


Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM is going to be using exclusively HPI products for cooling duties for air, coolant and oil systems. If you know anything about HPI, they just make great stuff… hands down. For the amount of money for their pieces, I could easily fund another build, BUT… again… I am not going to be wearing a Versace suit and Payless slip-n-slide skippers. It seems that a lot of the US companies that are producing parts for the 240SX chassis are starting to have quality issues. I’m not here to bad-mouth any of them, but you can always come across … Continue reading HPI

T & E Vertex 1996

Back on this blog again after a very long period of inactivity. The topic is T & E Vertex, and 1996 so happens to be the year this Japanese company with a cult-like following was established in Yokohama, Japan. To me, Vertex and all the little names they associate with the brand is everything that is cool about the feel and emotion that resonates within the Japanese car scene with a streak of bad boy elegance. It’s just plain sex or the promise of a very good time at it. That’s about as close as I can relate it to. … Continue reading T & E Vertex 1996

2016 Was Not On Fire

Hey folks. How’s everybody doing? To make a long story short, this year didn’t even pan out in favor for anything I had planned for the cars. It did for everybody else, but for me it didn’t happen. This is the major drawback for being a half a world away from everything and everyone I tried to get involved with my visions. I can’t hate on anybody but myself for thinking I can do a lot of directing from over here but when life happens, it happens. Speaking of life, nobody has control of it. Stuff is gonna either go … Continue reading 2016 Was Not On Fire

Spirit玲 スピリット玲- 180SX Miyabi/Kamikaze Diffuser System and Garage Mak Hood

Well, both prjkt 240SX MAYHEM and the parts donor car safely arrived back in March to the fabricator who will doing the magic to build prjkt 240SX MAYHEM with the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) 180SX Miyabi full kit, the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) Kamikaze full carbon … Continue reading Spirit玲 スピリット玲- 180SX Miyabi/Kamikaze Diffuser System and Garage Mak Hood

What’s up?

Hey folks. Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted an update. I had to take some personal time and to attend to some bigger things like buying a home for my family. If you’ve never been through that process, let me just say everything about your financial standing will be scrutinized and scrutinized again. It will take every bit of your time. Anyway, we accomplished that goal. Also, Tokyo Auto Salon took up a lot time for the manufacturers I’ve decided to go with for parts for prjktMAYHEM 240SX hatchback. If you’ve been following along, Spirit Rei Miyabi … Continue reading What’s up?